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Water Baptism

According to the Bible, the sacrifice Jesus Christ on the cross provides the sole basis for the forgiveness of sin; therefore, salvation occurs only when a person places his faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as the sufficient payment for sin.

Following the example of New Testament believers and Jesus Himself, believers should be baptized in water. Baptism does not save a person; it simply symbolizes what took place in a person’s heart at the time of salvation. Jesus died and arose from the dead. Water baptism symbolizes for the believer his/her sharing in Jesus’ death and resurrection, illustrated by a believer’s going under the water (dying to the old way of life) then rising from the water (entering into a new life in Jesus), symbolically washed clean from sins forgiven by Jesus’ death on the cross.

Because Jesus instructed His followers to be baptized, baptism is an act of obedience. While it is not necessary for salvation, water baptism demonstrates submission to God. At Pathways Church, believers are immersed just as Jesus was, and by doing so, they are publicly acknowledging their faith in Him.

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To Be Baptized at Pathways Church

Candidates must complete a Baptism Interest Form, available below. A staff member will then schedule the candidate to videotape his/her testimony and schedule a time to be baptized. Candidates are baptized in water during special events.

One of the most powerful aspects of baptismal times at Pathways Church is the video testimony of each candidate, which is shown as the person enters the water. The community is able to rejoice with a candidate as she shares how Christ has been working to transform her life. Pre-recording allows the candidate to do as many takes as necessary to record the testimony that has been thoughtfully and prayerfully prepared ahead of time.

The taped testimonies are an integral part of baptismal services at Pathways Church. Water baptism is a public profession of one’s faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ–an incredible opportunity for sharing God’s message of redemption with many people. By hearing these powerful testimonies, the listeners are encouraged in their own faith as they celebrate the amazing transformation God has worked in the candidate’s life.

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