Church Has Left The Building!

Happy New Year! We hope you had an amazing time celebrating last night with friends and family. Now, we invite you to take some time to put Jesus first at the very beginning of this new year. Take some time to worship with us online, and enjoy a powerful message from Jeremy.  Below the video we have a special object lesson you can do with the kids, as a family.

Pathways Kids Lesson:

Object Lesson:

You’ll need a glass jar or cup, 10 to 12 fist-sized rocks, a bag of rice (enough to fill the jar), and a pan or washtub. Practice this object lesson ahead of time to determine the exact amount of rice to use.

Choose an older child to help you hold the jar.

Say: Today this jar represents our day, and we have many things to fit into that day.

Have your helper hold up the jar during the entire activity so everyone can see.

Say: Let’s see if we can get all these activities inside it. Begin putting the rice in, a little at a time, asking kids to call out things that fill their days, such as school, getting ready for school, watching TV, eating, and more.

Say: Now that we have all that in our day, let’s see if we can fit the important things in our day. What are the important things you need to do to make sure that you can stay close to Jesus ?

Place the rocks in the jar as you repeat what they say… and add things if they don’t say enough, such as prayer, reading the Bible, thinking about God, talking about God, and more. The rocks will not all fit into the container with the rice.

Say: Hmmm. This is a lot like our lives. We get so busy doing “things” that we often leave out the priorities.

As you talk, take the rocks out and pour the rice back into its empty container.

Say: Crowds followed Jesus everywhere he went. They wanted to hear him teach, and they wanted him to heal sick friends and family members. Jesus was a busy man, but in Luke 6:12 we see something very important. It says, “One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night.” Jesus spent time with God because he knew how important it was to talk to God. We need to spend time with God, too, or else the priority things will get squeezed right out of our lives.   In fact, this is exactly what the enemy of our soul (the devil) wants.  Satan hates God and is always fighting him and trying to ruin things, just like the bad guys in movies. God and Satan are at war. Do you know what they are fighting for? They are fighting for us! Satan hates God and wants us to hate God too. Satan tries to get us to turn away from God by tempting us to sin. He does everything He can to make sure we aren’t spending time with God.  But God doesn’t want that! He loves us and wants us to be with him. If we love God and want to be with him too, then we are in a fight, too. We are in a fight against sin, because sin takes us away from God. Does it sound scary to be in a war? But we don’t have to worry, because God is on our side. God is fighting for us. The Bible says that God is our Protector and that he won’t let any harm come to us (Psalm 121). All we have to do is trust that God is in control. And the best way for us to know that God is in control is to spend time with Him just like Jesus did.  We can follow Jesus’ example and make the most important things a priority.

Repeat the important things as you put the rocks in the jar first.