“Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s

good news to one and all."

- Jesus in Mark 16:15

How Does Pathways Church Engage Beyond the US?

Our hearts are broken by injustice, disease, poverty, and war. At the same time our hearts are bursting with joy at the way God is working to rescue the lost, heal the broken, and restore dignity through his amazing love. We realize that as followers of Jesus, our calling is to engage with the amazing things God is doing around the world.

We participate primarily through relationships. Pathways currently has indigenous ministry partners & friends in El Salvador, Guatemala, Thailand, and Malawi. These friendships are mutually beneficial as we share wisdom, resources, and vision in both directions. Currently, 10% of every dollar given in offerings at Pathways is sent as financial support to an international ministry partner or used for outreach in Northern Colorado.

Every year, there are opportunities to visit our ministry partners. On these trips we serve, laugh and break bread with amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places.