Jeremy Williamson was born and raised in Oregon. In his early teens, Jeremy made the decision to dedicate his life to loving God and people. There was no looking back! After graduating high school, Jeremy attended Bible College in Denver, Colorado. From there, Jeremy's education continued in some incredible ways. He moved to El Salvador to serve a ministry working with children. While he was in El Salvador, an 8.0 earthquake devastated huge portions of the country, changing Jeremy's job from children's ministry to emergency earthquake relief.

From El Salvador, Jeremy moved to Mission, Texas to serve a growing and vibrant church located on the border. Splitting his time between the US and Mexico, Jeremy spent nearly 10 years involved in building adult, children's, youth, and outreach ministries. It was here that he met Rachel, who was serving as an intern with the church. The two were married in 2005, and began an incredible adventure together.

In July of 2008, Jeremy, Rachel, and their one year old daughter Aisha moved from Texas to Malawi, Africa. They went to serve a network of over 200 churches, as well as a community based organization for women suffering with HIV/AIDS.

After serving along side Christ Followers across the globe, Jeremy has developed a deep passion for the power and potential of local communities of believers. He believes that when those who love Jesus dedicate themselves to loving God and people wholeheartedly, they become an unstoppable force for good in the world. It is this passion that has led Rachel and Jeremy to found Pathways Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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